What is the relevant way to give feedback to your employees?

You can simply follow this 5-step framework that can offer actionable and high-quality feedback to employees at work. Apart from this one can grab the best platform that is made by HR for HR. Oive is a robust platform through which you can give feedback to your ex-employees and non-joiners also. So this platform has the ability to solve employee-related complications.

Clarify Intent

What is the reason to give feedback?

Providing feedback is a very productive way to demonstrate the growth and success of those we value. It is important for the recipient of feedback to understand and know whether it comes from a genuine place or not.

Provide Context

How and where did the condition occurs?

Feedback without information and context seems like personal judgment. This is why it’s crucial to add context to ‘How’ and ‘Where’ did situation occur.

Describe Situation

In order to facilitate effective interpretation, it would be helpful to provide specific examples when describing the situation. Without this level of information, it is almost difficult for the receiver to fully comprehend feedback and take suitable action.

Give Opinion

How would you handle the situation differently if you could?

The following three steps help us to determine the purpose and facts that are linked with the situation.

According to Step 4, you need to provide an honest opinion and evaluation of the situation. While expressing your opinion it is important to provide detailed facts about the event. This will help you to ensure that your viewpoint is clearly understood.

Recommend Next Steps

What are your suggestions for the next steps that the receiver should take? Why do you think that your recommendations are appropriate?

With no action plan for the next stages, feedback naturally seems unclear and restrictive. A precise explanation of your recommendations allows the receiver to quickly take action on the feedback process.

Furthermore, explaining the reasons behind the next steps will provide the necessary information to the receiver and help them to make a perfect decision whether to follow the advice or not.

From the above steps, you can give feedback to your employees. In addition do not forget to sign up with Oive, a magical platform that assists in solving employee-related problems, including ex-employees.