Numerous Common HR Problems On LinkedIn

Being an #HR I noticed numerous common problems on LinkedIn. I noticed that most of the employees betray their company. As they get new job opportunities in XYZ company and leave their existing company without informing their team. Apart from this most of the time #candidates clear their interviews and get offer letters but still, but they do not join the company.

They consider it perfect just to collect different companies’ offer letters. But in reality, it raises complications for #HR. In most cases, HR stops the hiring process for their organization as we think that got a perfect talent for their #company. Genuinely candidates just want to collect an offer letter from the company. They get the offer letter and started ignoring our calls. It happens to me as well.

After a survey, I also noticed that numerous #HR faces the same issues. Even candidates take bad advantage of this as they posted bad reviews on the websites like Google, AmbitionBox, and Glassdoor. They just post reviews without concern about the company’s reputation. Frankly, it just does nothing but spoils the overall prestige of an organization. Usually what candidates do is post unauthentic reviews so which can degrade the overall prestige of the company.

Did you face this same problem? if yes please give your opinion in the comment box

So basically we make the best platform name It is the perfect platform that is Made by HR for HR. On this platform, HR can easily review their employee background check by posting good reviews as well as good reviews. Personally, I consider that 80% of the employees would be good assets to an #organization.

What you earn from oive:

Rate your employees
Ex-Employee reviews
Submit Non-joiner feedback
Provide interview feedback

Verify your Candidates
Search your candidate
Do background-check
Complete professional history

Find Best Talents
Verify feedbacks
Complete transparency
Time Effective

This platform ( includes high-concept knowledge. So it has the ability to offer incredible levels of solutions to HR. Even I personally recommend the oive platform to deal with employee-related complications

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